Matt Arbuckle - Beatbox Blues Harp
Alice Wormald - Inversion Scenes
Meredith Turnbull - Hardbody Sculpture
Merryn Lloyd - Hot Mess Paintings
Noriko Nakamura - Harvest
Sean Bailey - Process and Entropy
Radiant Pavilion: Visitors - curated by Meredith Turnbull and Manon van Kouswijk
Spring 1883 - Jahnne Pasco-White, Kirsty Budge, Katherine Hattam, Kate Tucker, Alice Wormald, Sean Bailey, Meredith Turnbull
Kirsty Budge - Gawkalitis
Katherine Hattam - Seeing Through
Madeline Kidd - Pattern Making
Clare Longley - Adult Lullabies
Katie Lee - Tool Things


Zoe Croggon - Kiri
Kate Tucker - Tablets
Jahnne Pasco-White - Dynamic Footwork
Spinnerei Leipzig - Jahnne Pasco-White, Jordan Marani, Kirsty Budge
Spring 1883 - Kirsty Budge
Peter Davidson
Painting Matter - Matt Arbuckle, David Egan, Merryn Lloyd, Jahnne Pasco-White, Jensen Tjhung
Jordan Marani - Plonk
Grant Nimmo - The goat herder's cry
Minna Gilligan - Let Love Shine
Drew Pettifer - Some want quietly


Return - Kirsty Budge, Yvette Coppersmith, Travis MacDonald, David Palliser, Meredith Turnbull, Bradd Westmoreland
Katherine Hattam - Sometimes
Alice Wormald - Arrangements
Spring 1883 - Sydney
Sean Bailey - Total Form
Zoe Croggon - Meridian
Jahnne Pasco-White - oil wax cotton
Lane Cormick - MBARZALONA
Antonia Sellbach - Forms of Life
Peter Davidson - 2015


Jordan Marani - Colourful Language: the Charm Offensive
Kate Just - HOPE & SAFE
Minna Gilligan - Long time no see
Zoe Croggon - Melbourne Art Fair
Minna Gilligan - Melbourne Art Fair
Lane Cormick - Melbourne Art Fair
Spring 1883 Art Fair
Minna Gilligan - Almost Forever - Spring 1883
Andrew McQualter - Drawings 1997 - 2014
Madeline Kidd – Painted Gardens
Lifestyle Concept - Madeline Kidd, D&K, Lisa Radford, Meredith Turnbull, Alex Vivian
Katherine Hattam - Consciousness Raising
Alice Wormald - Ordinary Picture
Michael Needham - In Remembrance 
Kate James - Exitland


Zoe Croggon - Deuce
Lane Cormick - Chalmers
Jordan Marani - Xmas is a Four-Letter Word
Sean Bailey - Sydney Contemporary
Peter Davidson
Minna Gilligan - Feel Flows
Andrew McQualter - Sketches & Certainties
Kate Just - Venus Was Her Name
Sean Bailey - Order and Decay


I am Heathcliff - Jane Burton, Photographer Hal, Lorraine Heller-Nicholas, Ms&Mr, Tiffany Parbs, Breyer P-Orridge, Marc Savoia, Simon Scheuerle, Heather B Swann
Zoe Croggon
Tony Garifalakis - Affirmations
Michael Needham - Between the Object and the Shadow
Alice Wormald - Occluded View
Pip Ryan - Relive it Again
Kate Just - the Skin of Hope
Peter Davidson - A Fine Line
Lane Cormick - Club
Andrew McQualter - A partial index


Mary Lou Pavlovic - Water World
Sean Bailey - Union of Opposites
Becc Orszag - Autocue
Simon O'Carrigan - Down to the Well
OOO - Brooke Babington, Hedwig Houben, Renee Jaeger, Sanne Mestrom, Ilia Rosli, curated by Anusha Kenny
Michael Needham - The intolerable other that I crave to destroy so as to better possess it alive
Kate James - The Other Side of Despair