Kate Just

Kate Just is best known for large scale knitted sculptures and mixed media installations that blend iconographic and historical accounts of womanhood with her own personal narratives. Her highly crafted works underscore the significance of embodiment and identity to visions of intimacy, love and hope.

Kate Just was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1974 and moved to Melbourne permanently in 1996. Just has a Doctor of Philosophy (Sculpture) from Monash University, a Master of Arts from RMIT and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from the Victorian College of the Arts where she has been a Lecturer in Art since 2005. Just has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions across Australia including at Craft Victoria, Gertrude Contemporary, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne Art Fair, Silvershot, Contemporary Art Space of Tasmania, Chalk Horse Gallery, Nellie Castan Gallery, First Draft, MOP, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Canberra Contemporary Art Space and Daine Singer. Internationally, Just has exhibited her work at Nanjing University, Auckland Art Fair, AC Institute New York, and the Factory at Kunsthalle Krems, Austria. Notable recent exhibitions include Just’s solo exhibition Venus Was Her Name at the Kunsthalle in Krems, a survey of Just’s major knitted works entitled Kate Just: The Knitted Work 2004 – 2011 at Ararat Regional Gallery, and her inclusion in the group exhibition Louise Bourgeois and Australian Artists at Heide Museum of Modern Art in 2012.

Just has been the recipient of numerous grants and prizes. She has been awarded funding for new work by the City of Melbourne, Arts Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts. She received an Australian Postgraduate Award for her Masters research and a Monash Graduate Research Scholarship for her PhD project. Just has been a finalist in numerous prizes, and the winner of the 2007 Siemens Travel Award, and the 2012 British Council Realise Your Dream Award. She has undertaken local residencies at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Lake Macquarie Gallery, Heide Museum of Modern Art and the Australian Tapestry Workshop and held international residencies at Krems (AIR) and the Australia Council Studio Barcelona. Just’s work is held in collections including Artbank, Ergas Collection, City of Port Phillip, Ararat Regional Art Gallery and Proclaim Management Collection.

Kate Just (b. 1974 Hartford, CT USA, lives Melbourne)

2013  Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Arts), Monash University
2008  Master of Arts (Fine Arts) by Research, RMIT University
2002  Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), School of Art, Victorian College of the Arts
1996  Bachelor of Science (Film Making), School of Communications, Boston University

Solo Exhibitions
2014   Book Project: HOPE/SAFE, West Space, Melbourne
2014   HOPE & SAFE, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2014  Knit SAFE Project, City of Melbourne Public Art Project
2013  Venus Was Her Name, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2013  The Texture of Her Skin, Glen Eira Gallery, Melbourne
2012  The Skin of Hope, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2012  Kate Just: The Knitted Works 2004-2011, curated by Anthony Camm, Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Ararat
2011  Venus Was Her Name, The Factory, Kunsthalle, Krems, Austria
2011  Unearthed, Craft Victoria, Melbourne
2011  Project, Daine Singer, Zurich
2010  Inward Gathering, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne
2009 A New Day in a Strange Land, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne
2009  Bombshell, Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2008  Shed That Skin, Mop Projects, Sydney
2008  The Garden of Interior Delights, Don’t Come Store and Gallery, Melbourne
2008  Natural Woman, Raw Space, Brisbane
2008  Supernatural, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Upcoming
2007  I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2006  Paradise, TCB art inc, Melbourne
2006  The Entertainer, Window Projection, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy
2006  Individual Project Room, Melbourne Art Fair
2005  Boundary (LOVE), Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra
2005  The Four Fathers, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy
2005  Family, West Space, Melbourne
2004  Love is a Rose, Conical Gallery, Fitzroy
2003  The Pickin’ Patch, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2003  Pieces of You, West Space, Melbourne
2002  Needle Exchange, Sticky@Platform, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne
2002  Uniform, Penthouse and Pavement Gallery, Carlton

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015  Handmade Politics, Curated by Katve Kaisa Konturri, Gallery Titanik, Turku, Finland
2015  Daine Singer at Spring 1883, The Establishment, Sydney
2015  It ain't over yet (it hasn't even begun), curated by Alice Mathieu, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2015  Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award, Wangaratta Art Gallery, Wangaratta
2015  Amber Stones and Green, Curated by Alison Lasek, Kings ARI, Melbourne
2014  This is not the work, The Block, QUT Artspace, Brisbane
2014  Substation Contemporary Ar Prize, The Substation, Melbourne
2014  Fertile Ground, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne
2014  Material Edge, Wangaratta Art Gallery, Victoria
2014  Subject to Ruin, curated by Adam Porter, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney
2014  The F Word, curated by Caroline Phillips, Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria
2013  The Blake Prize, Gallery of UNSW, Sydney
2013  Works from the Collection, St Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne
2013  Recent Acquisitions, Ararat Regional Gallery, Victoria
2013  The Projects Group Show, curated by Nicole Breedon and Keira Brew Kurec, The Projects, Melbourne
2012  Louise Bourgeois and Australian Artists, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
2012  The City of Hobart Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
2012   Hello Dollies, curated by Shirley Dalborn, Penrith Regional Gallery
2012  Future Fibre, curated by Danica Larkin, Whitebox Gallery, Queensland
2012  Stories from the city, stories from the sea, queer urban tales, curated by Jessica Bridport, The Substation, Melbourne
2011  Recent Acquisitions: Port Phillip City Collection, The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne
2011  Interior Architecture, curated by Caroline Phillips, La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre, Bendigo
2010  Beleura National Works on Paper Prize, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
2010  Feminist Salon, West Wing, Melbourne Central, Melbourne
2010  Imaging the Apple, IC Institute, New York City, USA
2010  Dream Weavers, curated by Daine Singer and Kate Just (also exhibiting), CAST, Hobart, Tasmania
2010  Secret Files from the Working Men’s College, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne
2010  Nellie Castan at Sydney Art Month, 2 Danks Street, Sydney
2009  Ivy Tropes, curated by Melissa Loughnan, ACGA Gallery, Federation Square, Melbourne
2009  Nothing Out of the Ordinary, Nellie Castan Gallery, South Yarra
2009  Gertrude Studio Artists Exhibition, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Fitzroy
2009  Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Woollahra City Chambers, Sydney
2009  Love Bites, curated by Sarah Jones, Plimsoll Gallery, Tasmania
2009  Auckland Art Fair, represented by Nellie Castan Gallery, New Zealand
2008  Gertrude Studio Artists Show, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Fitzroy
2008  Weaveworlds, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2008  NEO POP, John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne
2008  Knitting, Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Hawkesbury, NSW
2008  Life, Death, Thereafter, curated by Mark Feary, Silvershot, Melbourne
2008  The Ola Cohn Sculpture Prize, City Library Gallery, Melbourne
2008  The Blake Prize, National Art School, Sydney
2008  Pure Pleasure: The Nightclub Project, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
2008  The Ergas Collection, Gallery 9, Sydney
2008  United Artists, The Palais, St Kilda
2007  You Make Me Feel: Tamara Marwood and Kate Just, Alluvial Gallery, Bendigo
2007  ABN Amro Emerging Art Award, Optus Centre Foyer, Melbourne
2007  Homeland, Sidney Meyer Education Centre, Heide Museum of Modern Art
2007  40 Degrees, curated by Alexie Glass, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Fitzroy
2007  Side Stitch, curated by Olivia Poloni, Blindside, Melbourne
2007  Manufactured, Raw Space, Brisbane, QLD
2007  Bird Girls, curated by Kate Daw and Vikki McInnes, VCA Gallery, Melbourne
2006  Siemens Fine Art Scholarship Exhibition, RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall, Melbourne
2006  RMIT Print Residency Exhibition, Project Space, RMIT University, Melbourne
2006  Only Some of the Time, First Draft Gallery, Sydney
2006  Beckon, co-curator & participating artist, PICA, Perth, WA
2006  Lexicon, curated by Martina Copley, City Library, Melbourne
2005  Canberra Contemporary Art Award, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT
2005  Selekta, co-curator, West Space Gallery, Melbourne
2004  Traverse, Lake Macquarie Regional Art Gallery and Rocketart, Newcastle, NSW
2004  She’s Crafty, First Draft Gallery, Sydney
2004  Supernatural, Kate Just and Kate Rohde, Horti Hall Gallery, Melbourne
2003  Home Loan, curated by Larissa Hjorth and Kate Shaw, Caroline Springs Warehouse
2003  Nightvision III, curated by Larissa Hjorth, Gallery 4A, Sydney
2002  Wallara Travelling Scholarship, VCA Gallery, Southbank, Melbourne
2002  Just Out of the Shire, Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney
2002  New Hard Gossip, curated by Constanze Zikos, PB Gallery, Prahran
2002  Shoot, curated by Laresa Kosloff, Block, Sydney
2002  Neo Noir, curated by Mark Feary, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Fitzroy

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Awards, Grants and Residencies
2015  Winner, Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Prize
2015  Artist in Residence, Billilla Mansion, Bayside City Council
2014  City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant
2014  Winner, Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal
2014  City of Melbourne Arts Project grant
2014  Finalist, Substation Contemporary Ar Prize, The Substation, Melbourne
2013  Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship
2013  Finalist, The Blake Prize
2012  Winner, British Council Realise Your Dream Award >>
2012  Finalist, City of Hobart Art Prize, Hobart
2012  Artist in Residence, Australian Tapestry Workshop
2012  Australia Council New Work grant
2012  Barcelona Studio Residency, Australia Council for the Arts
2012  Finalist, Substation Contemporary Art Prize
2011  International Artist in Residence, KREMS, Austria >>
2011  City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant
2011  Monash Postgraduate Research Publications Award
2011  Janet Holmes a Court Artist’s Grant
2011  Melbourne University Creative and Conference Research Fund (for staff)
2010  Monash Graduate Scholarship (2010 – 2012)
2010  Finalist, Beleura National Works on Paper Prize, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
2010  St Kilda Bowling Club Studio residency
2010  Feminist Salon Residency at West Wing, Melbourne Central
2009  Finalist, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Woollahra Council Chambers, NSW
2008  Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces Residency (2008 -2010)
2008  Australian Postgraduate Award, Master of Arts, RMIT University, (2006 – 2008)
2008  Janet Holmes A Court Artists Grant
2008  Finalist, OIa Cohn Sculpture Prize
2008  Finalist, The Blake Prize
2007  City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant Recipient
2007  NAVA Visual and Craft Artist’s Grant
2007  Finalist, ABN Amro Emerging Art Award
2007  Finalist, Art & Australia/ANZ Private Bank Emerging Artists Award
2007  Artist in Residence, Heide Museum of Modern Art
2007  Emerging Writers Program, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
2007  Artist in Residence, RMIT Summer Print Program, RMIT University, Melbourne
2006  Siemens Travelling Scholarship
2006  Melbourne Art Fair, Project Room New Work Grant
2005  Arts Development Grant (Creation), Arts Victoria
2005  Finalist, Canberra Contemporary Art Award, Australian Capital Territory
2004  NAVA Visual and Craft Artist’s Grant
2004  City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant Recipient
2004  Project grant for the development of New Work, NSW Ministry for Arts
2004  Artist in residence, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery & NSW Ministry for Arts
2003  City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant Recipient
2003  Winner, Toorak Village Sculpture Festival Emerging Artist Award
2002  Finalist, Wallara Travelling Scholarship
2002  Winner, National Gallery Women’s Association Encouragement Award

National Gallery of Australia
Ergas Collection, Sydney
City of Port Phillip, Melbourne
Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Victoria
Wangaratta Art Gallery
Proclaim Management, Victoria
Private collections Australia, New Zealand, Austria, USA

Professional Experience
2005-present  Lecturer, Painting Department, School of Art, Victorian College of the Arts and Music, Melbourne
2005 – 2006  Program Coordinator, West Space, Melbourne
2004  Panel Member, City of Melbourne Arts Grants, Young Artists Grant Assessment

Published writing by the artist
2013  The Texture of Her Skin, PhD Thesis, Monash University, 2013.
2013  The Armor of Hope and Other Works, Volume 5, Issue 1,MAMSIE, Studies in the Maternal, Birckbeck University of London, online journal, 2013
2011  The Weeping Dress, exhibition speech and essay, solo exhibition by Martha McDonald, Craft Victoria, March 2011.
2011  The Gift and The Curse, exh. cat., solo exhibition by Drew Pettifer, RMIT School of Art Gallery, February 2011.
2010  ‘The Whole Truth’, Holding Pattern, exh. cat., solo exhibition by Caroline Phillips, George Paton Gallery, March 2010.
2009  Kaleidoscope, exh. cat., solo exhibition by Song Ling, Niagara Gallery, February 2010.
2009  The Body Talks: Video Work of Kotoe Ishii, exh. cat., Library Art Space, December 2009.
2008  ‘Parasite Specific’, Objects in Space, exh. cat., (venues across Melbourne), Next Wave Festival, May 2008.
2008  A Little Ladylike Tinkling and Smearing, exh. cat., exhibition by Tamara Marwood, Craft Victoria, 2008.
2007  ‘Free Range’, Range of Motion, exh. cat.,  exhibition by Penny Cain, Emma White, Maddy Donovan, West Space, June 2007.
2007  ‘Rich Text’, Rich Text, exh. cat., RMIT Storey Hall, May 2007.
2006  ‘Louise Weaver, Taking a Chance on Love, Selected Works 1990 – 2006’, review, Artlink, December 2006.
2006  ‘Before Monday’, catalogue essay, exhibition by Katherine Huang, Gertrude Studio 12, November 2006.
2006  Janenne Eaton, ‘Angle of Head’, review, Eyeline, July 2006.
2006  Elizabeth Gower, ‘Sites & Conversations at VCA Gallery’, review, Eyeline, Issue 59, 2006.
2005  Susan Wirth, ‘West Space’, review, UN Magazine, Issue 4, 2005.