Madeline Kidd

Madeline Kidd’s practice can be defined as the curating of contemporary artworks, representational or abstract, into real and pseudo-domestic settings. The sculptures, paintings, installations and theatrical designs that she produces are conceptualised as ‘set pieces’ or what is known as ‘costume sculpture’. Commonplace and familiar icons of interior decoration, such as paintings, furniture, floral arrangements, fruit plates, and abstract sculptures are appropriated and recreated in her work.

Kidd’s work as an art director for film and theatre has had a direct influence on her art practice. In 2016 she exhibited at the Lismore Regional Gallery alongside artist Masato Takasaka, where prints, mirror and shelf works combined to form Playroom, a continuation of Kidd’s work of domestic familiarity reinvented. Other recent exhibitions include Rose coloured glass, The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne and a solo exhibition at Spring 1883, Sydney. She has curated several exhibitions including Sushichampagnepaintingsculpture, which situated artwork within a domestic space, another theme of her work.

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Madeline Kidd

Solo Exhibitions
2017  Pattern Making, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2016  Madeline Kidd and Masato Takasaka, Lismore Regional Gallery
2015  Spring 1883 at The Establishment, Sydney
2014  Painted Gardens, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2014  Decor8, Craft Victoria, Melbourne
2010  Cruise Collection, The Narrows, Melbourne
2005  High Life, Legge Gallery, Sydney
2004  Paintings, Legge Gallery, Sydney
2003  Crowd Pleasers, TCB inc. Art, Melbourne
2001  Mood Swings, Artspace 71, Canberra

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016  Spring 1883 at The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2016  Rose coloured glass, The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne
2014  Re-raising Consciousness, TCB, Melbourne
2014  Fin, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
2014  Into the Mystic, Pierre Peeters Gallery, New Zealand
2014  The Design Files Open House, Melbourne
2014  Bus Projects Edition, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2014  Melbourne Art Fair at Cutler & Co, Melbourne
2014  Daine Singer at Spring 1883 Art Fair, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2014  Sketches in the Rain, Art after hours, Melbourne Art Fair, Aesop, Melbourne
2014  Lifestyle Concept, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2014  Depthless Flatness, Incidents above a Bar, The Alderman, Melbourne
2014  Impromptu, Pierre Peeters Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
2014  Industrial Estate, Woodcraft Mobiliar, Heidelberg West
2013  Pont, Plus One Gallery, Paris
2013  Third/Forth Melbourne artist-facilitated Biennial, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2013  Sculpture Party, C3 Gallery, Melbourne
2012  Waitakaruru Summer Exhibition, Hamilton, New Zealand
2012  Planted! Mr Kitly, Melbourne
2012  Platform Fundraising Exhibition, Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2011  Sushichampagnepaintinsculpture, Private House, Hardware St, Melbourne
2011  Painting Group, Milani Gallery, Brisbane
2011  House me within a geometric quality, Platform Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne
2011  Rock Solid, Pieces of Eight, Melbourne
2010  The Painting Group Show, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
2010  Redlands Art Prize, Mosman Gallery, Sydney
2010  Sports Club Project, as part of the Next Wave Festival, Melbourne Cricket Ground
2010  Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Waterside Pavilion, Hobart
2010  dot, dot, dot, Peloton, Sydney; Lismore Regional Art Gallery, Lismore
2008  The fourth (second) Y2k Melbourne Biennial of Art (and Design), TCB inc. Art, Melbourne
2008  Revolving Doors, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
2008  Informal Rituals, TCB inc. Art, Melbourne
2006  Picture this, Painting Alumni, Canberra School of Art Gallery, Canberra and VCA Gallery, Melbourne
2004  Mixed Business, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2004  Do something pretty while you can…TCB Art Inc, Melbourne
2004  Packsaddle, New England Regional Art Museum, Armadale, NSW
2004  The Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building, Melbourne
2004  Brett Whitely Traveling Art Scholarship Exhibition, Brett Whitely Studio, Sydney
2003  If U were mine, Gallery Wren, Sydney; Manuka Contemporary Artspace, Canberra
2003  Linden St Kilda Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne
2003  The Good Drawing Show, Leichardt Street Studios, Canberra
2002  Snap, Painting Department Showcase, Canberra School of Art Gallery
2002  Masters of the Universe, Manuka Contemporary Artspace, Canberra

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Other projects
2012  Model Home, Un Magazine Issue 6.0
2011  Sushichampagnepaintinsculpture, Private House, Hardware St, Melbourne
2007  Finishing School , Natural Selection, Issue 3
2004  Do something pretty while you can…TCB Art Inc, Melbourne
2003  The Good Drawing Show, Leichardt Street Studios, Canberra

Grants and prizes
2004  Artist in Residence, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne
2004  Finalist Brett Whitely Travelling Art Scholarship
2002  ArtsACT Emerging Artist Grant
2000  Eass Loan Acquisition Award, National School of Art, Canberra
1997  ANU Undergraduate Scholarship, National School of Art, Australia National University

ANU National Institute of the Arts, Canberra
Museum fur Gestaltung, Zurich, Switzerland
Private collections in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom