Lifestyle Concept
D&K, Madeline Kidd, Lisa Radford, Meredith Turnbull, Alex Vivian
7 May - 7 June 2014

Lifestyle Concept brings together a group of works that explore the practical, aspirational and desirable, by borrowing from the aesthetics of commercial design. Variously they work with stylised and abstracted expressions of interior design, domestic décor and fashion. There is an element of remove in many of these works: of artists working at an ironic distance from a certain lifestyle or in the works themselves as reinterpretations of an object or lifestyle

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D&K (Dolci & Kabana)

Italiano/Greco coolness, that famous brand, personal and professional, love, life, fashion and art: best buddies. An ongoing project by designer Ricarda Bigolin and curator Nella Themelios investigating, imitating and critiquing the aspirations and strategies of fashion branding.

Madeline Kidd

Madeline Kidd’s practice can be defined as the curating of contemporary artworks, representational or abstract, into real and pseudo-fictional domestic settings. The sculptures, paintings, installations and theatrical designs that she produces are conceptualized as ‘set pieces’ or what is known as ‘costume sculpture’. Commonplace and familiar icons of interior decoration, such as paintings, floral arrangements, fruit plates, and abstract sculptures are appropriated and recreated into her work.

Kidd’s work as an art director for film and theatre has had a direct influence on her art practice. As part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival, she exhibited Washroom, an installation inside the change rooms at the Melbourne Cricket Ground where the rooms were elaborately dressed like a set, creating a fictitious reality of the MCG’s Inner Sanctum. Recent exhibitions include Sculpture Party, at C3 Gallery, the Third/fourth Melbourne artist-facilitated Biennial at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Industrial Estate in Heidelberg West. She has curated several exhibitions including Sushichampagnepaintinsculpture, which situated artwork within a domestic space, another theme of her work. Currently she is exhibiting Decor8 in the window space at Craft Victoria. Kidd will hold a solo exhibition at Daine Singer in July 2014.

Lisa Radford

Lisa Radford is an artist who writes and teaches. She has exhibited in Australia and overseas, is a member of TCB art inc. and currently teaches in the Painting Department at the Victorian College of the Arts. Her practice examines social relationships through various strategies and projects including painting, writing and coordinating exhibitions.

Recent exhibitions include Dear Masato, all at once, Margret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, 2014; c. At Sea, Before Dinner, West Space, 2013; Like Mike, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Third/Fourth, Margret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, 2013; Fury Road, Appendix, Portland (USA), Test Pattern, University of Sydney Art Gallery , 2012; The Zero Dollar Show, WestWing, Melbourne, 2011 and dot dot dot, Lismore Regional Gallery, New South Wales 2011. In 2012 she was the editor of UN Magazine 6.1 and 6.2. She regularly contributes to Stamm, an online writing collective and has recently contributed texts to Discipline on the work of Geoff Newton, and a text with Jarrod Rawlins titled The Outback Denier. In 2010, she co-authored with Jarrod Rawlins a book on Jon Campbell. She is currently undertaking a PhD at Monash University.

Meredith Turnbull

Meredith Turnbull’s practice focuses on the form and function of a sculptural/craftwork project. The project is concerned with individual artworks that engage various scales, art historical traditions and artistic genres – and manifests in the active creation of connections between images, jewellery, decorative objects and sculptural components through spatial practice. Recent projects and exhibitions extend an ongoing interest in combining approaches to sculpture, craft and display though notions such as excess, embellishment, adornment and decor.

Meredith Turnbull has a BFA from RMIT, BA (hons) from La Trobe University and is a current Fine Art PhD candidate at Monash University. She has held sold exhibitions at Bus Projects, The Other Side, West Space, Rae & Bennett, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Pieces of Eight, TCB art inc, The Narrows, Craft Victoria and Platform (with Bridie Lunney) and Conical (with Ross Coulter). Turnbull was recently commissioned to create a children’s project space for Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Alex Vivian

Alex Vivian has a Diploma of Visual Arts from RMIT University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts. Vivian makes installation works that typically involve domestic objects and items of clothing that, having been altered via transgressive processes, are removed from their original function. Whether installed in sprawling arrangements scattered throughout the exhibition space, or, as in more recent works, displayed as singular sculptural elements relying on the visual language of museum plinths, Vivian’s work is steeped in references to the body.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Men’s apparel, distressed, Craft Victoria, 2012; An oversized jacket, jeans that fit, Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland, New Zealand, 2011; A Face; falling beyond (Classic, plinth, socks), Studio 12 Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, 2011; and Catcher/ tube socks. (Ewok, kyote, baby fred flinstone, scamp, Quix bunny in the rye.), Gambia Castle, Auckland, 2010. Selected group exhibitions include: Pulp tongue, Sydney College of the Arts, 2011; State of decay, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne, 2011; One-Person Group Therapy, BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland, 2011; Stolen Library, Y3K Gallery, Melbourne, 2010; Canadian Pharmacy, Neon Parc, Melbourne, 2010; *tastes self* (with Kate Smith), Hell Gallery, Melbourne, 2009; The Second (Fourth) Melbourne Biennial of Art, TCB art inc., Melbourne, 2008; and the Joint Hassles project space, Melbourne Art Fair, 2008.