‘Wink’, Ben Sexton: Touch, exhibition text by Oscar Perry


A frozen windscreen
A torch sweeping the rolled up
Balaclava of night 
The 5am stardust carpool  
Shuffle street 
A wet white column
The Seawall 
An inside job 
My edge of vision dropping in and out 
The shadow of the fig tree 
The Austrian restaurant 
The abandoned shoe horn factory
Low key revelation
A yawn, a wink, a night in the clink
A Mexican wave, a punch in a pub
A 10th century peasant revolt
Footnoted with hash and biscuits 
The parsnip thrown through 
Morandi’s window 
Double naval glazing shattered 
Life’s a Ham 
I thought that jamón was 
A thing of the past
Artist as truffle pig
Artist as Clairvoyant 
Artist as Peeping Tom’s ground controller 
The bog standard rebellion continues 
The sun 
A can kicked down the generations 
Passion and perception
Cards declined 
An itch they never let us scratch 
A scratch they never let us sniff
The surface 
Higher ground 
The low road
The scenic route
The roof line 
The pavement
A broken back for insurance reasons
The giant ocean pool
Waves washing love across 
The concrete bunker 
The war didn’t stop 
Sgt Tom Foolery a goose 
Climbing the steps  
A dishonourable discharge 
Terms and conditions
A double act 
The Punk Singer 
Under contract 
All people contain a mystery 
What do you see?
What do you want?
I want an office with my own desk and my own font 
Carpool Comic Sands 
Waverley Hawaiian Havana Plywood 
Something is taking place 
Something you can’t trace 
Always go too far 
The magpie and the Rolex 
The silhouette of the blank cheque 
And thumb nail sketch 
Of the Dachshund who invented fetch 
It’s like CIS Miami but different