Lane Cormick

Lane Cormick’s work draws from a wide array of influences including the aesthetics of the industrial and functional, investigation of skill and technique, performance, music, modernist and contemporary culture. These influences feed into an art practice that is open-ended and without predictable outcome. Previous works have been created through endurance-based performance or procedure, with a commitment to impractical or unreasonable projects that test him physically and mentally, exposing the limits of his skills and the enormity of his attempts.

Cormick has previously exhibited at Melbourne Art Fair, Daine Singer, Tristian Koenig, Neon Parc, CCP, RMIT Project Space, Gertrude Contemporary and the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art in Melbourne; and at Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney; UKS Gallery, Oslo; Art Forum Berlin; Artspace, Sydney. He has also exhibited at various artist-run initiatives such as Hell, Plinth Projects, Platform, Bus, Penthouse and Pavement, Kings, TCB and First Floor. Cormick has been the recipient of an Australia Council residency in Los Angeles and a Gertrude Contemporary residency in Melbourne. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) from the Victorian College of the Arts in 1999. In 2017 VERSION published the limited edition artist book, Lane Cormick: NOHARDATTACK.


Lane Cormick (born 1975 Melbourne, lives Melbourne)

1997-9 BFA (drawing), VCA, Melbourne
1995-6 Western Tafe, Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions
2015  MBARZALONA, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2015  Lack (with Andrew Long) Bus Projects, Melbourne
2014  Lane Charles, (with Charles O’Loughlin) Chapter House Lane, Melbourne
2014  Hell’s Flags II, commission for Hell’s Kitchen, Melbourne
2014  Daine Singer at Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne
2013  Bulc Public, Plinth Projects, Melbourne
2013  Chalmers, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2013  Janis, TCB, Melbourne
2012  Club, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2012  Lane Cormick, Meyers Place Art Space, Melbourne
2011  Hey Moses, (with Tony Garifalakis), Bus Projects, Melbourne
2010  Real Bos(e), Neon Parc, Art Forum Berlin 2010
2009  Cook Beale Mustard Swan, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2008  Unearthing The Hawke, Hell Gallery, Melbourne
2008  Only one way out of here, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2007  Only one way out of here, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2006  Stress less (with Rob McHaffie), Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2006  (with Tony Garifalakis), Ocular Lab, Melbourne
2004  Lovethethird, Kings ARI, Melbourne
2003  Brazilian Wax Museum, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2003  Fordarsefalcon, 24/7 Melbourne
2002  VIVA, TCB art inc., Melbourne
2002  Vanilla Sigartje, Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2002  Blues Mama, First Floor, Melbourne
2002  Paisano Amigo, Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2000  Iʼm Gonna Buy Me A Horse, Penthouse and Pavement, Melbourne

Selected group exhibitions
2018 Stephen Bram and Lane Cormicj, CAVES, Melbourne
2017  Every Brilliant Eye: Art of the 1990s, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2017  Umwelt Mode, Basel, curated by Thomas Jeppe
2016  Negative Approach, Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne
2016  Sparkasse Bossard, Kunsthaus Jesteburg, Germany
2014  Framed Movements, curated by Hannah Mathews, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
2014  Daine Singer at Spring 1883 Art Fair, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2014  Uneducated, curated by Kym Maxwell, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne
2014  Dear Masato, all at once, curated by Lisa Radford, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2014  Industrial Estate, curated by Kym Maxwell, Melbourne
2013  Decline, curated by Harriet Morgan, Joint Hassles at Top Shelf Gallery, Melbourne
2013  The Big East, curated by Kiron Robinson, Melbourne
2013  Pivotal, curated by Drew Pettifer, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2013  Action/ Response, curated by Hannah Mathews, Melbourne
2013  Interpreting Variable Arrangements, curated by Jessie Bullivant and Isadora Vaughan, Supermarket 2013 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Sweden
2013  Drunk vs. Stoned III, curated by Geoff Newton, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2012  Un Magazine launch, The Alderman, Melbourne
2012  Art LA, Tristian Koenig
2011  Explaining colours to the blind, Tristian Koenig, Melbourne
2011  Body Language, curated by Drew Pettifer, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2011  Whatever doesn’t work, Stockroom Kyneton
2011  Endism, curated by Tony Garifalakis, 24hr Art, Darwin
2010  Autumn Masterpieces, curated by Mark Feary, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2009  +/- , curated by Danny Lacy, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
2009  Coates, Cormick & Vascellari, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2009  Cross Colouring, Hell Gallery in association with Gambia Castle and Joint Hassles
2009  Blue Sunshine, curated by Charles O’Loughlin, TCB Arts Inc, Melbourne
2009  Don’t Worry It’s Only Money, City Art Rooms, Auckland New Zealand
2009  Texticles, curated by Rob McHaffie, TCB Arts Inc, Melbourne
2009  AUSTRALIA?, Mildura Art Centre, Mildura, Victoria
2008  Little Deaths, Apartment Space, Melbourne
2008  Bad Brains, curated by Peter McKay, CACSA, Adelaide
2007  New Work – Expanded and Compressed, curated by Danny Lacy, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2006  One God, No Masters, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, NZ
2006  Man/Trouble, curated by Peter McKay, Downtown Gallery, Adelaide
2006  New Work, curated by Danny Lacy, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University
2006  Kids Stay Free, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2006  PROJEKT Video, curated by Brendan Lee, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth (traveling)
2005   RE/Thinking, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2005  The Beast With Three Backs, (with Tony Garifalakis & Matt Griffin), RMIT Project Space, Melbourne
2005  A portable model of… Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart & Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morewell
2005  5uper MUSEUMSQARTIER, 5uper, Vienna
2003  Something Something Video Something, curated by Jarrod Rawlins, Artspace, Sydney
2002  Something Something Video Something, curated by Jarrod Rawlins, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
2001  Gertrude Studio Artists 2001, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2001  Five, Span Galleries, Melbourne
2000  Blink, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
2000  Blockbuster 99, UKS Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2000  Gertrude Street Studio Artists 2000, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

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2000-2  Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, studio residency
2005  Australia Council for the Arts, Los Angeles studio residency

Scanlan & Theodore
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