Zoë Croggon

Melbourne-based artist Zoë Croggon works with sculpture, video, drawing and primarily, collage.  Her practice considers the relationship between the kinetic body and its surroundings, contemplating the role we play in our environment and how deeply our surroundings inform the cadence of our lives. The body has long been the focus of Croggon’s work, presenting the trained body and modern architecture as fascinating counterparts; each unyielding, severe, and rigorously functional in form. Created primarily from found photographs, her works study texture, light, and form, examining the possibilities and limits of pictorial abstraction and metamorphosis.

Zoë Croggon has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts with First Class Honours. She has held solo exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, Gertrude Contemporary, Peckham 24 (London), Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Perth Centre for Photography, Daine Singer and the Melbourne Art Fair and has participated in group exhibitions at institutions including the National Gallery of Victoria, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Monash University Museum of Art, NGV Studio, Samstag Museum of Art, Ian Potter Museum of Art and the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery. 

Croggon is the recipient of an Art Gallery of New South Wales Studio Scholarship at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2018), ARTAND Australia / Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award (2014), the Asia-Pacific Photobook Prize (2015) and the ACACIA Art Award (2010). She has also been shortlisted for the Churchie Art Prize, Basil Sellers Art Prize at the Ian Potter Museum of Art and the Wallara Travelling Scholarship. Her work is held in collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, National Gallery of Victoria, MUMA, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Horsham Regional Gallery, Gippsland Art Gallery and Artbank.








Zoe Croggon (b.1989, Melbourne, lives Melbourne)

2011 Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours),Victorian College of the Arts
2008-10 Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing), Victorian College of the Arts

Solo Exhibitions
2018  luce rossa, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2018  Arc, Peckham 24, London
2017  Deep Cuts, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria
2017  Tenebrae, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2017  In the Back of My Mind, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2016  Kiri, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2016  Pool, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth
2015  Meridian, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2014  Concrete, Daine Singer at Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne
2014  Apex, Transit Gallery, The Substation, Melbourne
2013  Deuce, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2013  Pool, West Space, Melbourne
2012  Zoë Croggon , Daine Singer, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions
2019 In Her Words, Deakin University Art Gallery, Melbourne
2018 SPRING1883, Daine Singer at The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2018  Odile, City of Greater Dandenong, Melbourne
2017  Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
2017  From the Darkness, Horsham Regional Art Gallery
2016  New Matter, Art Gallery of New South Wales
2016  The Substation Art Prize, The Substation, Melbourne
2016  SPRING1883, Daine Singer at The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2015  Lurid Beauty: Australian Surrealism and its Echoes, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2015  Grey Matter, Artbank, Sydney
2015  Basil Sellers Art Prize, Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide
2015  Daine Singer at Spring 1883 Art Fair, The Establishment, Sydney
2014  Basil Sellers Art Prize, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne
2014  The Sievers Project, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
2014 Daine Singer at Spring 1883 Art Fair, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2013  Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2012-2013  Future Now, The Substation, Melbourne; Cowwarr Art Space, Gippsland
2012  Liquid ArchiveMonash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
2012  Dodecahedron, Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2012  Exploration 12, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2012  Splitting Image, Tinning St Gallery, Melbourne
2012  Tenancy 3, blackartprojects, Melbourne
2012  Entry 2012, Brunswick Arts, Melbourne
2011  Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts
2011  Consultancy, National Gallery of Victoria Studio, Melbourne
2011  Mainly Everything, TCB Gallery, Melbourne
2011  Here Is Where We Meet, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2011  Honourable Discharge, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne
2011  Triple Double, The Mill Gallery, Tasmania
2011  Totes West, Basement Lounge Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne
2011  Because We Are All Animals, Disco Beans Art Space, Melbourne
2011  Debut VII, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne
2010  Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
2010  Best Years of Our Lives, VCA Student Gallery
2010  Wallara Travelling Scholarship Exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2010  Proud 2010, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2009  Stay Golden, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne
2008  Habitat, Geidai University Gallery, Tokyo
2008  Pimp My Paper, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne
2008  Proud 2008, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne


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2018  Art Gallery of New South Wales Studio Scholarship, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
2017  Finalist, Maddocks Prize
2016  Finalist, The Substation Art Prize
2015  Asia-Pacific Photobook Prize
2014  Finalist, The Churchie
2014  ARTAND Australia/ Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award
2014  Finalist, The Basil Sellers Art Prize
2010  Shortlisted for the Wallara Traveling Scholarship
2010  ACACIA Art Award

National Gallery of Victoria
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Heide Museum of Modern Art
Gippsland Art Gallery
Acacia Art Collection
Art and Australia
Monash University Museum of Art
Horsham Regional Art Gallery