Sean Bailey

Sean Bailey’s paintings and sculptures are predominantly abstract, at once hard-edged and loose, precise and improvised. Bailey uses materials such as paint, paper, linen, wood, hydrostone and concrete to gather and harness a painterly energy, manifest non-representational forms and obscure collage and shapes drawn from his personal lexicon of painted formal, organic and symbolic imagery. Bailey is interested in the strict confines and parameters of the painting surface, seeing what can be conjured within the pictorial space, the process and chance of his practice, its limitations and also its potential to extend beyond the border of the picture frame.

Bailey’s solo exhibitions include: Sydney Contemporary; RM, Auckland; First Draft, Sydney; and in Melbourne at Daine Singer, Gertrude Contemporary, Neon Parc, West Space, T.C.B., Joint Hassles and Clubs Project Space. He has participated in group exhibitions at University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane; Gambia Castle, Auckland; Special, Auckland; Amsterdam Biennial; Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney; CAST, Hobart; and in many Melbourne spaces including: Spring 1883 Art Fair, Gertrude Contemporary, Sutton Project Space, Hell Gallery, Bus Gallery, Utopian Slumps, T.C.B. and Seventh. As a musician he is known for playing in groups including Paeces, Wasted Truth, Vivian Girls, Lakes, TOL and TAX as well as running the private press label Inverted Crux. He has a BFA (2005) from the Victorian College of Arts and has been a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary.

Sean Bailey (born 1977 Adelaide, lives Melbourne)

2001  Diploma of Visual Arts, Centre for Adult Education, Melbourne
2005  Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting, Victorian College of the Arts

Solo Exhibitions
2019 Landscapes, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2017  Process and Entropy, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2015  Total Form, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2014  Gertrude Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2014  Marked and Uttering, West Space, Melbourne
2013  Daine Singer at Sydney Contemporary, Sydney
2013  Order and Decay, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2011  Union of Opposites, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2011  Terrestrial Asylum, RM, Auckland, New Zealand
2010  Sean Bailey/Jess Lucas, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2009  Transcendental Axis, T.C.B, Melbourne
2008  Free Your Mind and Your Arse Will Follow, w/Alex Vivian, Joint Hassles project space, Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Building
2007  Pagan Grind 2, First Draft, Sydney
2007  Pagan Grind, Joint Hassles, Melbourne
2006  Beard of Bees, Joint Hassles, Melbourne
2006  Astral Village, West Space, Melbourne
2005  Cavern Magnetism, T.C.B, Melbourne
2005  Transformational Surface, Clubs Project Space, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions
2017  Double A-Side, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
2016  Painting. More Painting, ACCA, Melbourne
2016  Sean Bailey/ Lucia Lantus, Melbourne
2016  Caves, Melbourne, curated by Storm Gold
2016  Heavy Forms, curated by Ace Wagstaff, Rubicon, Melbourne
2015  Yield, curated by Brent Harris, Greenwood Street Project, Melbourne
2015  Spring 1883 at The Establishment, Sydney
2014  Gertrude Studios Part One, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2014  The Dreamer is Still Asleep, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne
2014  Daine Singer at Spring 1883, Melbourne
2013  Third/Fourth: Artist Facilitated Biennale, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, curated by Christopher L G Hill
2013  A Million Bucks, curated by Justin Hinder, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
2011  Catching Trucks, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2011  New Psychedelia, Queensland University Art Museum, Brisbane
2011  Zero Dollar, West wing, Melbourne
2010  Texticles, TCB project space, Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne
2010  Cluster and Connect, Sutton Project Space, Melbourne
2010   Dream Weavers, Contemporary Art Spaces of Tasmania, Hobart
2010   Territorial Pissings, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
2009  Melbourne Pavilion, Amsterdam Biennale, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2009  Cross Coloring, Gambia Castle, New Zealand
2009  Cross Coloring, Hell Gallery, Melbourne
2009  Texticles, T.C.B, Melbourne
2009  Skin and Bones, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2008  The (self initiated, self funded) second (fourth) Y2K Melbourne Biennial of Art (and design), T.C.B, Melbourne
2008  One Hundred Sound Works by One Hundred Artists from the 21st Century, 21:100:100, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2008  Informal Rituals, T.C.B, Melbourne
2007  Taking Care of Business, T.C.B, Melbourne
2006  Joint Hassles First Show, Joint Hassles, Melbourne
2006   Mike, Bad House, Melbourne
2005  Cavern Reprise, Slide Window, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
2005  Friends, Special Gallery, Auckland, NZ
2005  Friends, Seventh, Melbourne       
2005  Mike, Dude Space, Melbourne
2004  Fort, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne