Sean Bailey
Order and Decay
31 January - 9 March 2013

Sean Bailey makes predominantly abstract paintings that are instinctive and process-based. He employs ‘direct’ mediums such as collage and other lo-fi techniques to investigate ideas of painting as an expression of agency. In the works he explores transformation, renewal, decay and transcendence by adding and subtracting layers of paint to found images, thereby simultaneously obscuring and forming meaning.

Sean has had solo exhibitions at galleries including: RM, Auckland; First Draft, Sydney; and in Melbourne at Daine Singer, Neon Parc, West Space, T.C.B., Joint Hassles and Clubs Project Space. He has participated in group exhibitions at University of Queensland Art Museum; Gambia Castle, Auckland; Special, Auckland; Amsterdam Biennial; CAST, Hobart; and in many Melbourne spaces including: Gertrude Contemporary, Sutton Project Space, Hell Gallery, Bus Gallery, Utopian Slumps, T.C.B. and Seventh. As a musician Sean is known for playing in groups including Paeces, Wasted Truth, Vivian Girls, Lakes and TAX as well as running the private press label Inverted Crux. He has a BFA (2005) from the Victorian College of Arts and is a 2013 Studio Artist at Gertrude Contemporary.