Alice Wormald
Passion Recognition
15 May - 15 June 2019

Central to Alice Wormald’s practice is the collection and arrangement of imagery taken from books and magazines and the reinterpretation of these fragmented sources through the process of painting. The works in Passion Recognition operate both as abstract paintings of colourful, dynamic forms and as representational paintings depicting the collaged scenes that she has created. The title of the exhibition references the books she has collected as reflections of the interests and aspirations of those who have discarded them, whilst also acknowledging their effective redundancy as physical objects today.

The pictorial depth of each painting is restricted—governed by the flatness of the abstracted imagery within. The edges and spaces between each area are often articulated with stark lines and purposefully placed shadows. In some works there is a sense of movement, rotation or transformation, while in others the separate sections teeter in place as if only held together temporarily. The works become visual conversations between colour, texture, pattern and form. They embody the idea of painting as a puzzle, each piece interacting by some unseen logic overlapping and intersecting to create its own distinct rhythm.

Alice Wormald completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with first class honours at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne in 2011. Since then she has held eight solo exhibitions, Passion Recognition will be her fifth solo exhibition at Daine Singer. Previous exhibitions include Inversion Scenes (2017), Arrangements (2015), Ordinary Picture (2014) and Occluded View (2012).


Wormald's work has been exhibited in Synthetica, a NETS touring exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, Counihan Gallery, Gippsland Art Gallery, Latrobe Regional Gallery and Wagga Wagga Art Gallery; Analogue Art in a Digital World, RMIT Art Gallery (2018); Visiting Painting at Horsham Regional Art Gallery (2016);  Imagined Worlds, Town Hall Gallery (2016); Atmosphere at Linden New Art (2015); Vertigo, an Asialink touring exhibition at Galeri Soemardja, Bandung, Indonesia, Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Taipei, Taiwan and POSCO Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (2014); Spring 1883 Art Fair with Daine Singer (Sydney 2017 and 2015, Melbourne 2018, 2016 and 2014) and New Horizons at Gippsland Art Gallery in Sale (2013).

She has been a finalist in the Darebin Art Prize (2017, 2015), Bruny Island Art Prize (2016), City of Albany Art Prize (2015), Geelong Contemporary Art Prize (2018 and 2014), the John Leslie Art Prize (2016, 2014 – Highly Commended, 2012), the Macquarie Group Prize for Emerging Artists (2013), and the Banyule City Prize for Works on Paper (2013).

Her work is held in the ACU, Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Gippsland Art Gallery, Darebin City Council, Macquarie Group, Fiona Myer and Joyce Nissan Collections.

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