Lane Cormick
6 May - 30 May 2015

In Lane Cormick’s installation MBARZALONA he explores the process of creation in response to various influences and triggers drawn from his life. Elements of MBARZALONA come from the music of Causa Sui, a friend’s photograph, images of actor Eddie Kaye Thomas and Sergio Tacchini tracksuits. Through processes of reproduction and repetition Cormick pays homage to his subjects.

Cormick’s work draws from a wide array of influences including the aesthetics of the industrial and functional, investigation of skill and technique, performance, music, modernist and contemporary culture. These influences feed into an art practice that is open-ended and without predictable outcome.

Cormick has previously exhibited at galleries including Daine Singer, Tristian Koenig, Neon Parc, Chalk Horse Gallery, CCP, Melbourne Art Fair, Gertrude Contemporary, the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, UKS Gallery Oslo, Art Forum Berlin and Artspace Sydney. Cormick has been the recipient of an Australia Council residency in Los Angeles and a Gertrude Contemporary residency in Melbourne.

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