Kate Moss
A hot line on a heatwave
2 – 23 February 2019 

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication Wild Thoughts, a new collection of poetry by Kate Moss.
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A hot line on a heatwave

blue sky open
empty easterly
comforts little
radiating heat
heats heat 

afternoon breeze
shadows shadow
an oily distortion
vibrates sideways

– Kate Moss, 2019

Kate Moss is interested in the ‘sculptural’, physical and mutable possibilities of light and shadow. “In the studio materials and objects move quickly, changing in time with background music. A transparent drawing is suspended, a shadow is cast with the moving sun— a poem becomes a drawing, a drawing becomes a shadow, a shadow becomes a print.”

Moss has parallel and interrelated writing and visual practices. Her writing uses vernacular language and conversation to enact the rhythm of the studio while engaging with the broader current context.

A hot line on a heatwave includes a new series of ‘sun print drawings’ created in Perth over a ten month period from January 2018. Each drawing was made with oil bar on clear PVC, and left stretched atop of 3m lengths of Swedish sailing canopy canvas. After being exposed to the sun, the drawing on PVC was removed and the lines of the drawing remained unfaded on the canvas. These sun print drawings are exhibited alongside a series of works on paper and canvas made in Sikås, Sweden, that also meditate on her social and domestic environment, seasonal changes, light and shadow.

Kate Moss (b.1980, Mullewa, WA) is based between Australia and Sweden. She has held exhibitions and poetry readings at The Pole, Den Haag; Alta Art Space, Malmö; Växjö konsthall, Växjö; Index The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm; Berlin Community Radio, Berlin; Publication Studio, Vancouver; Coq Au Vin, Daylesford; PICA, Perth; Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver; Sunset Terrace, Vancouver; Showroom, Malmö; and The Apartment, Vancouver.

Her writing has been published in Southerly Literary Journal, Bartleby Review and a chapbook, Swedish Light and Other Poems, is published by Somewhat Urgent Series, Vancouver, Canada.

Moss is co-director of the Sikås Art Centre, Sweden. She holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and a BFA from The Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.